Associate  -  Maisam Moosa Ali  

Maisam Moosa Ali has completed Bachelor of Shariah and Law (Honors) from Maldives National University’s Faculty of Shariah and Law in the year 2020.

Maisam currently works as an associate at Public Interest Law Centre (PILC). Maisam shows keen interest in employment law, land law, constitutional law, corporate law and intellectual property. He has worked with the PILC team in high profile cases and is currently assisting the team in numerous cases.

His experience working in PILC include, working on the largest employment class action that was filed in Maldives, a data privacy case that concerned the elections, the first gerrymandering case in Maldives, assisting several NGO’s and unions in regards to their legal concerns. Maisam has extensively provided material ideas for various PILC projects. These projects include lobbying several bills and legal awareness programs.